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About renee warren

I've always believed the age-old saying that happiness breeds happiness.  

My journey to freedom started when I launched my industry recognized PR agency while I was 8-months pregnant with my first son Max.

After he was born, I went back to work immediately. I had postpartum and my fiancé was in the midst of an acquisition. The workload, sleepless nights and hormonal changes in my body were taxing. The stress of parenting far outweighed the stress of work so "burning the midnight-oil" was a relief for me. What I failed to recognize was how stressed my body and spirit were.

Max wasn't 4-months old when we got the second biggest surprise ever. I was pregnant AGAIN!  

All the while we were moving into a second home, and launching yet another business.

Two babies, two businesses, two moves all in two years. Yikes!  

Happiness at this point, felt like finding the needle in the haystack. Impossible.

It took hitting rock bottom with my health, my sleep, my relationships and ultimately my happiness for me to turn things around. So my husband and I set out to create systems and procedures that have, over the course of that last six years become the Family Academy. Using those methods, I was able to bring my 7-figure agency to 50% profit margins and enroll clients from all over the world.

Knowing that my family was healthy and happy AND that I could work on my business when I wanted (most of the time), was the biggest relief.

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I started speaking…

Well, doing lip sync battles with my friends infront of all our neighbors. I was good. (Air drums are still a thing for me).

My move into speaking began years ago teaching entrepreneurs about social media. I used to work for a company that trained small business owners on how to grow their business, and I was often times recruited to help discuss marketing for SMB’s.

When I launched Onboardly (my former PR agency), I was asked to speak on several stages: a panel at Traction Conference, a Financial Post talk about marketing, workshops at General Assembly in NYC, and at Mesh Marketing to name a few.


My career has also extended into doing several joint webinars with other startups and entrepreneurs on topics such as marketing, PR for startups, balancing family and work, and being a female leader.

Speaking topics:

  • How to live an integrated life

  • How to ‘lobby school’ (homeschool) our kids on the road while growing your business

  • Marketing & PR for startups

  • Routine hacks for busy entrepreneur moms

When Renée shared her ideas and format for a weekly marriage/couples meeting, I thought it was a cute and good idea...but had no idea until we started implementing it every week how much it would actually affect and improve our connection, communication, and ultimately our partnership. It’s a small act that has made a HUGE difference. Forever grateful!”
— Adrienne Dorison, CEO & Founder At Lean Growth Group
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Family Academy

Most people never take the time to design their life. Especially their family life. Living an integrated life is a core pillar for Dan and I. It's what drives us as a couple, as parents, and as a family.

Here is our mini-doc called "The Integrated Life." Take a peek into how we operate and the why behind what drives us.


This life integration is why I created the Family Academy. I see too many entrepreneurial couples grinding it out, losing sleep, living a life of deprivation just to make their business work. In the end, it's not worth it.

They often lose touch with the people that matter most, so with the Family Academy, I bring them back to a place that gives them the freedom to live their life on their terms, surrounded by great friends and family.

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Are you looking to have me contribute an article, interview me for a podcast/show, have me speak at your event, or need help living an integrated life? Then please reach out!

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