Renee warren speaking opportunities

I started speaking…

Well, doing lip sync battles with my friends infront of all our neighbors. I was good. (Air drums are still a thing for me).

My move into speaking began years ago teaching entrepreneurs about social media. I used to work for a company that trained small business owners on how to grow their business, and I was often times recruited to help discuss marketing for SMB’s.

When I launched Onboardly (my former PR agency), I was asked to speak on several stages: a panel at Traction Conference, a Financial Post talk about marketing, workshops at General Assembly in NYC, and at Mesh Marketing to name a few.


My career has also extended into doing several joint webinars with other startups and entrepreneurs on topics such as marketing, PR for startups, balancing family and work, and being a female leader.

Speaking topics:

  • How to live an integrated life

  • How to ‘lobby school’ (homeschool) our kids on the road while growing your business

  • Marketing & PR for startups

  • Routine hacks for busy entrepreneur moms

When Renée shared her ideas and format for a weekly marriage/couples meeting, I thought it was a cute and good idea...but had no idea until we started implementing it every week how much it would actually affect and improve our connection, communication, and ultimately our partnership. It’s a small act that has made a HUGE difference. Forever grateful!”
— Adrienne Dorison, CEO & Founder At Lean Growth Group
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